Cokinosauropteryx Oualis
Cokinosauropteryx Oualis

In 1862, a Welsh fisherman discovered this fossil specimen on the cliffside of Prth-y-rhaw, freshly uncovered by a landslide. His son, the first to see it, is said to have declared "Edrychwch, nhad, 'i' y ddraig goch!" (Look, papa, it's the red dragon!). This led to the official name, Cokinosauropteryx Oualis, or winged red lizard of Wales.

The Cokinosauropteryx is closely related to Comsognathus longpipes, discovered by Wagner in Bavaria in 1861. Cokinosauropterx, however, appears not to have had the small arms and hands of its brethren, but instead had wings similar to the Archaeopteryx. Our specimen is a juvenile, and fossils found in more recent years indicate that Cokinisauropteryx could grow to a length of one to two meters.

Shortly after its discovery, this fossil was sold to Sir Richard Owen a prominent Victorian paleontologist, for £5. It remained in his personal collection until his death when it was sold at auction.

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