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Article from the London Daily News (May 16, 1862)
Article from the London Daily News (May 16, 1862)

It reads:



Welsh Fisherman Discovers Remarkably

Intact Fossil of Unknown Species.

Last Week, Mr. Robin Owen-Griffiths, a fisherman by trade, put his small craft ashore in an inlet called Porth-y-rhaw. While he was tending to his nets, his young son wandered along the beach and amidst the detritus of a recent landslide made a discovery that is exciting great interest among those curious in such matters. Revealed on the cliff wall were the intact fossiliferous remains of an unknown dinosaur.

Unlike other recent finds, this creature was decidedly small, about the size of a pheasant. It is similar to discoveries made in Bavaria three years ago, but differs in that its head is less dainty and it appears to have wings rather than arms.

This diminutive monster has aroused the interest of such luminaries as Mr. Richard Owen and Mr. Benjamin Hawkins, who provided the dinosaur sculptures for the Crystal Palace in Penge Common. Both men have traveled to Wales to view the fossil and it is said that Mr. Owen may purchase the creature.

The cliffside at Porth-y-rhaw, as well as others along the coast of South Wales, are favourites with those who engage in fossil-hunting. It was, in fact, this same area in which Mr. J.W. Salter found the fossil of a large trilobyte, an antediluvian insect creature, that caused a brief sensation in some circles, earlier this year.

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